Childhood Music Lessons May Offer Lifelong Benefits

TakeLessons Shares Key Benefits of Taking Music Lessons as an Adult

The study uncovered a link between playing a musical instrument when young and brain health in later life. It did not prove cause-and-effect. — Robert Preidt Copyright 2013 HealthDay. All rights reserved.
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“Musical activity throughout life may serve as a challenging cognitive exercise, making your brain fitter and more capable of accommodating the challenges of aging ,” study researcher Brenda Hanna-Pladdy, a neurologist at the Emory University School of Medicine, said in a statement. “Since studying an instrument requires years of practice and learning, it may create alternate connections in the brain that could compensate for cognitive declines as we get older.” The study participants ranged in age from 60 to 83. One group had no musical training, one had one to nine years of musical study, and the third group had 10 or more years.
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Music lessons make for sharper adults?

Most adults are able to grasp the elements of music and musical structures quite readily, like a scientist who understands how the world works. 3. You have a developed attention span. Childrens attention spans, by contrast, are often limited to only a few minutes at a time.
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At South Shore Conservatory, music lessons are not just for kids

I have a long way to go, laughed Conn, who could read no music before the class and had never played even a simple tune on the piano. Its going to be more difficult to get to a high level of proficiency than I thought, but I think I have the capacity to do it. Its been fun. I just need the attention, diligence and time. Although the vast majority of music students are children and teens, Conn has plenty of adult company. Of the roughly 50 adult students at the conservatory, some are complete beginners, while others, like Geraldine Leahy, are returning to an instrument from their youth. To my surprise, Im amazed that its coming back, said Leahy, who took lessons as a young girl in Ireland.
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