Iup’s Community Music School Offers Lessons To The Public

It’s also given me a sense of belonging to the Indiana community that I never had during my four years as an undergrad.a Laurie Kuzneski of Indiana has two children, Amelia, 11 and Andrew, 10, who take private piano lessons from Cotts. Amelia and Andrew also take voice lessons at the school. An older daughter, Claire, 14, takes private bass guitar lessons there. aThe teachers are fantastic, and the kids guitars are learning a lot,a Laurie Kuzneski said. aThis is a wonderful addition to our community… There are so many skilled and talented people involved, and having access to that array of musical possibilities is incredible.
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TakeLessons Shares Key Benefits of Taking Music Lessons as an Adult

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Instead, long-term study in youth seemed to confer benefits far down the road. “Based on previous research and our study results, we believe that both the years of musical participation and the age of acquisition are crucial,” said Hanna-Pladdy, who was a professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center when she conducted the research. The study was correlational, so further research is required to definitively show whether music learning causes a late-life brain boost . A possible alternative explanation, the researchers wrote, is that more intelligent people tend to study music longer.
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Music lessons make for sharper adults?

Keep those New Year’s resolutions and keep the mind sharp by learning to play. Culver City Music Center is located at 10862 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232. They have lessons every day of the week except Sundays on a variety on instruments. Group or private lessons are available for various lengths of time. Boulevard Music also has adult lessons.
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Places for adult music lessons in West Los Angeles

Taylor Swift

Adult music lessons are thus almost invariably a pleasure for both student and teacher. 2. You can learn complex concepts much more easily and understand technical explanations. This makes it possible for adults to learn music theory far more easily than children do.
read more http://www.onlineprnews.com/news/207855-1329778627-takelessons-shares-key-benefits-of-taking-music-lessons-as-an-adult.html


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